Improve efficiency.
Save time.
Make money.
Digital transformation solutions to improve the customer experience, improved efficiency and increase productivity.
Specialised IT strategies for businesses who want to transform, grow and protect their data.
Planning and strategy services that align your IT with your business growth.
Keep client and business information protected and safe.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are compliant with legislation, and that your business and client information is kept safe and protected wherever it is stored or sent.
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Digital Transformation – It’s What We Do

We help our clients solve today’s business challenges – innovation at its core. Utilising the best of traditional business operations management and combining that with modern process techniques such as business process automation and orchestration.

Our Services

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients living out the vision designed strategies we originally discussed.

Transform LogiQ’s services will help you clarify the vision, build your strategy and execution path, and provide the certainty you need to get there.

Digital Transformation

Reduce paperwork, improve customer service and employee satisfaction with a digital transformation that helps you do business better.

Digital Blueprint

Don't leave your transformation journey to chance! Let us build your organisation a comprehensive execution plan through a digital blueprint.

Organisational Design

Organisational design involves re-configuring three critical elements – integrated people, process management and technology to deliver new value propositions.

Virtual CIO

Our virtual CIO service allows companies to align business strategy with IT strategy. They take ownership and accountability of your IT and help your business scale with innovative solutions.


IT Strategic Planning

Success is something you can guarantee. And it starts with an IT Strategic Plan that will get you there.

Application Design and Functional Requirements

A comprehensive application design and functional requirements document will bring your idea to life.

We help business leaders become transformation champions


Your mission: create new opportunities for your business based on client desires, information and emerging technologies to create value to the client, the business and the shareholders. Need help?


Your role is no longer cyber-security focused. You are now expected to be a senior leader. You need to be more ‘hands-on’ in the business and provide insight into management spheres. It’s a lot!

CRO / Risk Manager

We can help identify potential IT and security risks, and work with you to integrate a risk management framework.

CTO / IT Manager

We can help you cut through the noise and hone in on the areas that really matter to your business so you can build a world-class IT and security team.

SME Owner / General Manager

We can help you improve customer service and increase business revenue with an IT structure that enhances your business performance.

Are you new to digital transformation?

‘Digitization’ means enhancing manual business process and operations with technology.

‘Digital’ means delivering digital offerings to enhance customer value.

‘Digital transformation’ means changing process, people and technology and using organisational design to fundamentally change the way you do business.

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