Get clear direction on your transformation journey by analysing customer desires and internal business efficiency drivers.

Set the vision to build a digital transformation picture.
Outine how technology will improve business performance.
Will new products be created or existing re-imagining current processes.
Specify the direction your organisation will take to create new competitive advantages with technology.

It can be called whatever fits the language and culture of your organisation

Digital Blueprint

Blueprint for digital transformation

Digital Strategy

Whatever you decide to call it, a digital blueprint is different to the IT strategy in that a digital blueprint is generally developed backwards after understanding the end user’s needs and what pain points are being faced.

It is a ‘why and how’ document that primarily defines how the the staff members and client’s needs will be met and the journey the organisation will take. It also takes the IT strategy into consideration, as well as any governance or Frameworks that impact on the final design.

  • Wasting time on mundane or repetitive tasks
  • Accessing multiple systems for different information?
  • Have you got multiple systems with similar information but no source of truth?

Benefits of a digital blueprint to your business:

  • All stakeholders understand the organisation's digitisation journey and what the future looks like;
  • Provides an outcome -based picture of the changes ahead and clearly defines the end-state and benefits to staff and clients;
  • Showcases the innovative culture of your organisation.

Risks in not implementing a digital blueprint:

  • The organisation is not aware of the innovative technology initiatives being looked at or undertaken;
  • The organisation doesn’t believe that technology changes will benefit them or clients, or make business life easier through engaging and intuitive experiences; and
  • The businesses technology is changing for change sake and not aligned to staff or client outcomes/needs.

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