Create positive experiences for your customers with CX (Customer Experience) solutions from Transform LogiQ.

Positive customer experiences are essential for your business to succeed.

Consumers have customer service experiences and expectations that need to be met by businesses if they want to succeed.

Customer experience and digital transformation go hand in hand.

Here's how:

Digital Transformation

A digital transformation program is NOT about taking manual or analogue processes and digitizing them. It’s about completely rethinking and re-engineering how you do business.

It’s about using technology and automation to streamline processes and deliver information faster. It’s about aligning the right people with the right tech to achieve long-term objectives.

Digital Blueprint

A digital blueprint is a roadmap of how we get to a successful outcome. The blueprint allows us to map customer desires and how you will fulfill them.

It describes what the future looks like for both your customers and your business. This allows us to develop a transformation, which in turn allows us to deliver projects that see clients enjoying their interactions with you.

Information Management Initiatives

Your business collects information from customers in all sorts of ways and for all sorts of reasons. From website form filling and registrations, to payment information and newsletter opt-ins, your business has A LOT of information to protect.

This information can be sensitive. It can also be disparate.

Customers have a right to know what information your business has relating to them, where it is stored and what it will be used for. They can also request to have it deleted. General Data Protection Regulation makes it vital that businesses understand and comply with proper information management initiatives.

Privacy is a human need that businesses are expected to oblige. Good information management practices necessitate that we keep the customer front of mind.

Here's how we help:

  • Analyse your customers’ desires (through research, workshops and interviews) to determine customer experience outcomes when building digital blueprints.
  • Advise on Australian privacy legislation, the
  • Australian privacy principles (APP) and EU GDPR.

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