Everyone is at risk of a cyber-attack. Is your business information secure?

Cyber-security is an important component of your information security framework.

But it’s not the only one.

Too many businesses think of cyber-security as a ‘silver bullet’ for information protection. The reality is cyber-security is a methodology and toolset to triage, investigate and remediate gaps and issues in the security framework.

The correct methodology is the use of information management principles.

Once you understand why you are protecting information (legal and regulatory compliance), what you are protecting (information audit and critical information asset register), and where all this information ‘lives’, you can formulate a plan for cyber-security solutions.

From there, Transform LogiQ can:

  • Perform a gap assessment against a suitable security framework (NIST, ISO27001 or the ASD Essential 8 maturity model.)
  • Produce a security strategy and roadmap.
  • Provide technical advice that is prioritised so that you know which cyber security practices to implement first for best results.
  • Arrange a cyber-security firm to roll out the recommendations against the strategy.

Here's where we can help you

  • Setting the information governance agenda
  • Building the information governance framework
  • Data audits, data access governance assessments and recommendation
  • Critical information asset registers
  • Business classification schemes
  • Information protection strategy, framework and architecture
  • Information security classification frameworks/data classification
  • DLP and rights management – sensitive data assessment
  • Business impact analysis.

Our partnerships

We also partner with external security consultancy organisations to provide the full picture of information security offerings:

  • Enterprise security: strategy, design, planning, awareness.
  • PCI compliance.
  • Security policy compliance: assessment, frameworks, compliance.
  • Vulnerability management: assessment, engineering, deployment, SEIM.
  • DLP/RMS: architecture and implementation.
    IdM: assessment, strategy, architecture implementation.
  • Incident management: incident classification event analysis and design, SIEM, SOC, incident response.
  • ISO 27001/27002: ISMS assessment, framework, procedure and implementation, awareness.

The vast majority of Australian Small Business' are unprepared.

70% of organisations are rated 'novice'.

Almost half of Australian small business consider themselves 'average' or worse in their cyber maturity.

In 2019, ACSC received 1 report of cyber-crime every 10 minutes – equating to over $680million of lost revenue.

ACSC Small Business Survey Report, July 2020

Australian Enterprise is only marginally better.

16% of large Australian large business can't identify who is accountable for IoT security.

Only 38% of large business will invest in aligning business objectives with information security needs.

There are a greater number of attacks than ever before, also causing a greater disruption and lost revenue to business.

PWC Global State of Information Security® Survey, May 2018

Let Transform LogiQ Transform LogiQ assist your business in providing direction and clear context on where and how to spend your cyber-security budget.

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