Good information management practices helps you secure your data and make better business decisions faster.

Make faster and better business decisions.
Identify inefficiencies in our business.
Improve productivity.
Comply with regulations and legislations.
Provide what your customers truly desire.
Communicate to our own teams and business units via smart data sharing.

What do all of these things lead to?

Successful growth, faster time to market, reduced risk and increased profits.

Here's what we do

Information Governance

Information Governance

  • Readiness, awareness and culture programs. These help us identify if your business is ready for information management.
  • Information governance framework. You’ll use this framework to manage your information assets ensuring they meet legal, regulatory and compliance standards.
  • Governance formation. We provide board advice and can provide external subject matter representation on your committee.
  • Committee and terms of reference development. We advise on building a solid structure for your governance needs through a committee/working group. We define the vision, objectives, scope, roles and responsibilities through the terms of reference, and define a clear charter.

Data Governance

  • Data flow mapping and analysis.
  • Business glossaries and thesaurus.
  • Information classification and business classification schemes.

Information Security

  • Information security classification.
  • Information protection/information security frameworks.
  • Information protection architecture,
  • Data loss prevention and information rights management advice.

Let us help you answer these important questions

  • Where does your data ‘live’?
  • What data do you store?
  • How much of it is personally identifiable information (PII)?
  • How much of it is sensitive, confidential or proprietary information?
  • Who has access to what information?
  • How can I control information that leaves my systems?

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