Your mission:

Create new opportunities for your business based on client desires, information and emerging technologies in order to create value to the client, the business and the shareholders. 

It’s a tough ask that’s only getting tougher.

Heard of ‘CIO 3.0’?

You’re now here to lead and drive transformation and innovation – not just as a enabler of business (that's so yesterday), but as the driver of business.

The responsibility of the CIO has changed. You’re now expected to anticipate the next wave of disruptive change, be ahead of it, formulate ways to be your industry’s leading force for that change, and provide your organisation with a competitive advantage, while keeping your customer front-of-mind at all times.

All this while still performing good old IT strategic planning, and holding overall accountability for IT.

Here's where we can help you

  • IT strategy that aligns with business objectives e-business strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital roadmapping
  • IT governance
  • Information governance and information management
  • IT strategic sourcing/vendor selection
  • Assessments, maturity models, pragmatic implementation ideas and organisational design to guarantee success!

There is more to do than ever.

As the technology rate of change is increasing, you have to be faster, more agile, and across more disciplines. You need to understand both the customer and the business, transforming it with regard to people, processes and of course, technology.

Transform LogiQ provides advisory consulting as well as frameworks, templates, recommendations and guidance.

We basically just make your life as a CIO easier!

Are you ready for that complimentary consultation? We are!

You’re in good hands! If you’re facing recurring problems in your business, we’ll help solve them.