A comprehensive system design and functional requirements document will bring your idea to life.

Don't risk wasting time and effort on purchasing or developing a new platform based on assumptions. Our functional requirements provide solution independent, vendor agnostic, detailed capabilities of what your business specifically requires. 

Here's what we can do for your business

We’ve been designing systems and businesses processes since the 90s.

  • Bring your app idea to life and launch your new business.
  • Take your app idea from a ‘napkin concept’ to reality.
  • Work with a team who’s been designing systems since the 90s.
  • Get a requirements document you can take to any developer anywhere for an accurate build cost
  • Let us guide you through the stages of software productization – proof of concept, MVP and production.
  • Understand the size and opportunity of your concept, gain market validation, identify your target market, analyse perceived needs, competitor analysis.
  • Understand ‘disruption theory’ and let us build the right business model for your product
  • Get your product to market!

We cover business of ALL sizes


We assist large organisations develop detailed functional specifications and tender documentation ready for RFQs. We can sit on the selection panel and provide scoring methodology.

Out client include ASX listed multinationals and organisations with 40,000 staff.

Small to medium business

We have assisted hundreds of SMEs documentation their requirements and find a suitable platform for their operations.

We also develop functional requirements for custom builds by software developers.


Our methodology will help take your idea from ‘napkin concept’ to GO-LIVE! We’ve worked with lots of start-ups, designing their concepts and getting it out to market.

We also assist many start-ups with commercialisation of their platform and have relationships with private equity.

Our clients know and love us for our ability to get ‘under the hood’ of their business and nail their needs analysis and solutions first time around.

Are you ready for that complimentary consultation? We are!

You’re in good hands! If you’re facing recurring problems in your business, we’ll help solve them.