Transform LogiQ assist all levels of executive build better business through improved governance, compliance, policy, processes, technology, cyber-security and organisational design.


Your mission: create new opportunities for your business based on client desires, information and emerging technologies to create value to the client, the business and the shareholders. Need help?

CTO / IT Manager

We can help you cut through the noise and hone in on the areas that really matter to your business so you can build a world-class IT and security team.


Your role is no longer cyber-security focused. You are now expected to be a senior leader. You need to be more ‘hands-on’ in the business and provide insight into management spheres. It’s a lot!

SME Owner / General Manager

We can help you improve customer service and increase business revenue with an IT structure that enhances your business performance.

CRO / Risk Manager

We can help identify potential IT and security risks, and work with you to integrate a risk management framework.