Organisational design is no longer a simple matter of joining people’s roles with lines via a hierarchical tradition – it’s about designing for digital success.

Support staff and improve their efficiency.
Work effectively and remove time-consuming or repetitive tasks.
Store and protect client data.

Components of Organisational Design

Improve on and achieve operational excellence

Mapping the IT strategy and digital transformation initiatives against the organisational capabilities. Then via analysis of gaps, determine what is required for operational excellence.

Look at and map customer desires for digital solutions

What does the customer actually want and how do they want to transact digitally? 

Enable rapid innovation

What components are needed to build the blueprint? Analysis of data stores, systems, platforms, processes, middleware. Where does data sit? We focus on improvements to the single source of truth, platform interoperability and built checklists for information systems that inform the business of what features, functions and security proposed systems must have in order to allow innovation at our clients.

Build an effective innovation culture

Analyse Governance and the readiness of an organisation to embrace transformation both from ideological and operational perspectives. Many organisation believe they are ready for the breadth and scale of change, but in many cases, subsets or pockets of the business are more ready than others. In some cases stakeholders are excited by the benefits it can bring to the organisation, however other business areas or levels of management do not have the acumen, understanding, capacity and/or expertise to implement and manage a transformational programme of works.

Capability isn’t only about people skills

Capability the organisational ability both current and required, in three areas:

How we do it

Analyse the initiatives of the corporate strategy
Measure capability against these initiatives
Find the gaps
Design the organisation based on the digital transformation outcomes and the capability gap..

We provide guidance and insight into where a business is ready, where it is not and recommendations and perspective of what is required to make transformation a success.

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