Offer a new level of personalised digital interaction to your patients.

Transforming your healthcare business into a digital business will help you improve patient relationships, protect their information and manage your daily tasks, reducing time and stress.

Trust and integrity are two important qualities that patients seek in their healthcare professional.

They want peace of mind knowing that their information is kept safe and they enjoy thoughtful and personalised experiences with their healthcare provider and expect more interaction through digital channels like apps and self-service portals.

Where we can assist

  • Improve patient relationships and self-service.
  • Keep patient information protected.
  • Keep employees happy with tools and systems that make their lives easier
  • Safely exchange data with upstream and downstream providers.

Information Governance

With regulations and technology constantly evolving, it’s essential that your finance business has an IT plan and strategy to mitigate risk, reduce costs and accelerate growth.

Your business is also legislated to keep client information confidential and secure. This requires what’s called information governance.


Cyber-security is a critical component of information governance to ensure your business systems are not compromised by hackers, spammers and/or phishing or accidentally by staff that are unaware of policy.

Digital Transformation

We can design and implement systems, processes and technology to move away from manual tasks. The move from paper or manual data entry to technology will help free up time for your key staff to focus on more important aspects of your organisation.

We have a decade of experience in information governance and cyber-security.

We are experienced and knowledgeable in the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and also the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what they mean for your Australian healthcare organisation. 

Let us help you minimise risk and streamline your compliance obligations

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