Prepare your business for a new way of working.

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. Some organisations are thriving while others and struggling due to business behavior and legacy technology.

Let’s say a business may not have had a business continuity plan (BCP) for such a scenario in place, but they had been more open to greater flexibility in working arrangements and work-from-home privileges.

A business like this would have been impacted to a far smaller degree. When the outbreak hit in early 2020, this business, with a few small tweaks to their organisational design, was far more ready to cope with the fallout.

How does a business prepare for the unexpected?

  1. Process and human capital
    Analyse the activities your staff perform. What are they? Where can they be done? What systems do the staff require to access the necessary tools from anywhere?
  2. Security and information protection
    How are your staff accessing work information? How are they collaborating and sharing sensitive information? Do you have control over who has access to what?
  3. Capability analysis and organisational design
    Capability is about people, process and technology working in harmony. Issues in one element will feed into the others. Does your business have the capability to survive with a digital organisational structure? Is your organisation designed to succeed in trying circumstances?
  4. Systems to support change and growth
    Is your technology capability up to scratch? How do you facilitate remote work long-term? Do you have the infrastructure and the right systems to support a remote workforce? Are your collaboration tools, document management, scheduling, messaging, and video conferencing all seamlessly integrated?

The outbreak of COVID-19 was, for most businesses, the perfect storm.

Businesses who were slow to adapt to new working arrangements and the digitisation of core processes struggled when their staff were required to work from home.

Here's where we can help you

  • Process analysis and benefits realisation.
  • Information security consultancy.
  • Capability analysis.
  • Organisational design.
  • Systems design.

We can help you find the answers to these questions, and ensure that your business, with the help of technology, can adapt and thrive no matter what the world throws at it.

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