Risk is an unavoidable part of IT, and what you don't know can really hurt you.

Do you tackle risk head on or leave it to chance? Risk is money, whether lost through direct financial consequences, a hit to your reputation, or other means.

Protecting intellectual property and sensitive customer information while adhering to strict regulatory obligations is a critical part of your role as a Risk Manager.

With the increasing demand of compliance and information governance, having someone to ensure risk is mitigated and your systems are secure is a godsend!

Here's where we can help you

  • Establish a comprehensive IT risk management program that identifies your IT risks.
  • Develop consensus on organisational risk appetite.
  • Create a strategy for managing and mitigating risks to meet said appetite.
  • Establish a framework and metrics for acceptable risk tolerance.
  • Quantify risk exposure in meaningful financial terms.
  • Enable the business to make informed investments while managing IT risks.
  • Build business buy-in and shared accountability for business-impacting IT risks.

We can help identify potential IT and security risks, and work with you to integrate a risk management framework.

Here's how we do it

Depending on the size and risk maturity of your business we can perform all or a subset of the following:

  • Review risk fundamentals in your organisation and build a framework. We provide a maturity assessment and a stakeholder map, and develop a risk council and manual.
  • Identify IT risks and develop a risk register.
  • Assess and prioritise these risks.
  • Monitor IT risks.
  • Develop risk responses.
  • Communicate priorities through reports and recommendations.

Mitigate threats with a cost-focused approach to IT risk management.

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